Coke's True Colours

22-Feb-2012 In October last year, Coke released its holiday plans for the US market, which revolved around supporting endangered polar bears through the charity World Wildlife Fund. Their boldest move was to release 1.4 billion white cans adorned with the furry animals. A few months later, the company backtracked and released a red version in replacement. Why?

According to the Wall Street Journal, confused by a change to such an iconic look, many consumers buying the white can thought they were buying Diet Coke. Some even complained that they thought the taste of Coke had been changed under their noses. How did consumers get so confused? The cans still have Coca-Cola written on them in the iconic font.

This is an example of a brand misunderstanding the strength and purpose of their distinctive assets. Distinctive assets are non-brand name elements that invoke a particular brand, such as colour, shape and slogans. A strong distinctive asset uniquely evokes the brand for all consumers. These assets help brands stand out in highly competitive markets, ensuring consumers recognise them when in buying situations.

Read full article. Cited in B&T Today, Wednesday 22 February 2012.



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Coke's True Colours 22-Feb-2012

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